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Infographic: How small businesses are leveraging content in 2014

Ryan Kettler / < 1 min read

To celebrate Small Business Week 2014, BoostSuite surveyed over 16,000 SMBs. We asked them about their blogging, social media and email marketing efforts. The results showed that small businesses have made significant progress when it comes to content, but they still have a long way to go.

We saw several key trends, including:

  • Small biz has caught on to content. In 2014, 89% of SMBs are publishing weekly.
  • But they are inefficient creators. 81% of SMBs create separate content for web, social and their email newsletter. More than 50% spend over two hours creating each piece of content.
  • And they aren’t leveraging analytics. Despite investing so much time and effort into content creation, a mere 14% are using data to drive their content marketing.

Check out the infographic below for our analysis of SMB content marketing in 2014.

State of Small Business Content Marketing in 2014 by BoostSuite (1)


Ryan Kettler

Ryan Kettler

Ryan Kettler is Director of Communications for BoostSuite, the collaborative content marketing system that lets you target and grow your online audience by doing inbound marketing on your own. Ryan is an internet marketing zealot, sports fanatic, devoted runner, avid golfer, beer connoisseur and live music enthusiast.

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