Senior DevOps Engineer (Infrastructure)

Sydney Office


BigCommerce is disrupting the e-commerce industry as the SaaS leader for fast- growing, mid-market businesses. We enable our customers to build intuitive and engaging stores at a fraction of the cost to support every stage of their growth. 

BigCommerce is looking for a full-time Senior Infrastructure Engineer in our Sydney office.

As an Infrastructure Engineer at BigCommerce, you’ll work as part of our Technical Operations team while still having experience at a Software Engineer who can code. Our Infrastructure Engineering team consists of a talented group of individuals who specialize not only in web operations and systems administration, but also software engineering. We’re charged with designing the underlying technology stack that powers BigCommerce stores and building the underlying systems and tools that enable engineering teams to build and ship BigCommerce services.

We’re looking for an experienced candidate who brings a blended set of skills for software engineering and web operations to our team. In other organizations, you might have heard of this referred to as a “DevOps Engineer”. We like to believe DevOps is an idea, a theory, and a set of fundamentals about how we work and interact within our team, in engineering, and for our business.

Currently you’ll find us predominately working in Ruby, and PHP, backed up by Puppet for configuration management. We’ve also been known to work in JVM based languages (Scala), and with Go from time to time.  We’re always integrating new services and new technologies into our environment - Docker, linkerd, HAProxy, Nomad and Terraform just to name a few.

What you will do:

  • A software engineer with a curiosity for operations, or an operations engineer that wants to work closely with software engineers to help glue infrastructure and software together
  • You understand scalable web architectures and have implemented a few
  • Someone who loves to code, and you enjoy working in multiple programming languages. We primarily work with Ruby, PHP, and Puppet (for configuration management)
  • You drive issues to completion, marshaling resources in high-pressure situations
  • A good communicator, who works well with geographically distributed teams such as ours (we are split between Sydney, Austin, and San Francisco)
  • You're obsessive compulsive, in a good way. Your systems and scripts are clean, well-documented and comprehensible
  • You have a passion for learning when it comes to working with new technologies or languages

Who you are:

Our ideal candidate possesses some or of the following skills:

  • 3-5 year experience in building software for, operating, or supporting large Linux based web application environments
  • Experience with UNIX systems administration, including solid scripting skills in Ruby, PHP, or Bash
  • Experience running Docker with some kind of orchestration system such as Nomad, Kubernetes, or Amazon ECS (we use Nomad)
  • Knowledge of configuration management systems such as Puppet, or Chef (we use Puppet)
  • Experience with popular tools for monitoring web applications (we use New Relic, Nagios, Graphite, and StatsD to name a few)

Diversity & Inclusion at BigCommerce

We have the opportunity to build not only a great business, but a great company, with soul. Our beliefs and commitment to diversity and inclusion are a central part of achieving that.

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is grounded in two things: a moral belief in the dignity, value, and potential of every individual, and a practical belief that diverse, inclusive teams will create the best outcomes for our customers, partners, employees, and company. We welcome everyone to be a part of our journey.

(Posted on 20 September 2018)

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