Senior Software Engineer

Sydney Office

BigCommerce, named one of Australia’s Coolest companies by Anthill Magazine, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer for the Payments team in our Sydney office.

Who are we?

The BigCommerce Engineering team is on a mission to build the leading SaaS ecommerce platform.

Our global team of engineers works from our Austin, San Francisco and Sydney offices and are focused on building the right product for our customers in the right way.

In the Payments team we aim to provide a robust, open, and industry-leading payments platform for our merchants, partners and developers. We look after the whole payments domain, from allowing merchants to configure their payment providers and manage their transactions, to providing a simple way for shoppers to pay using the latest payment methods, to building a platform enabling our merchants to expand internationally.

That’s quite a handful, so we don’t do it alone. We work closely with other engineering teams, product owners, designers, business representatives and external partners to build a payments platform where we can easily and securely incorporate new payment providers and payment methods. We have a team of people at different levels and with different expertise and we work to iterate, learn, and build great software together.

Our current projects are around crafting an elegant and extensible platform that developers can build on top of. We work across two main services in PHP and Ruby on Rails. The front-end built with AngularJS, TypeScript and Jest and we’re working on building out our internal UI Library with web components. We already have a lot of nice things in place in terms of build and deployment tools to get code out there several times a day, experimentation and metrics gathering so we can make smart choices and monitoring so we know when something goes wrong. We don’t expect our new-starters to be intimately familiar with all the tools we use, but if you are then we’re looking forward to learning how we can get the best out of them.

Why we’re excited about you

  • You’re a trusted professional with at least a few years of experience building amazing products. You have ideas and opinions and you’ve tested and refined them through your work.
  • You have a solid understanding of modern programming and design principles. You write tested, maintainable code that you are proud of and you are committed to keeping code quality high.
  • You are passionate and knowledgeable on modern technologies and tools, without being biased toward a specific technology. You’re more interested in finding the right tools and patterns for the job.
  • You’re an excellent communicator. You can explain not just your ideas, but the reasons behind them, and you’re comfortable to do that in person, over slack or email, or in a code review.
  • You lead by example. You own your work, and hold yourself responsible for results. You might still be developing your leadership qualities, but you get stuck in and aim to inspire the people around you.
  • You love to teach as well as to learn. You don't hesitate to ask for help and are always ready to provide help when needed because you want the whole team to grow.
  • You enjoy your work and the team you work with. You think terrible puns are funny and you would poke fun at your manager because they can’t spell.

(Posted on 22 November 2018)

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