Business Resilience: How agile transformation can future proof your business

Watch and discover how businesses can be nimble and ready to shift— however the retail landscape changes.

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Meet our Speakers

Headshot Illustration Partner Nicole Olbe Barclaycard Left

Nicole Olbe

Managing Director, Partnerships at Barclaycard Business

Nicole is the Managing Director, Partnerships at Barclaycard Business. She focuses on delivering integrated payments solutions—by connecting payment capabilities to the software used by clients and prospects—ensuring clients can grow their business with payments powered by Barclays.

Meghan Stabler

Global Vice President Product Marketing, BigCommerce

Meghan leads the Product Marketing, Communications and International Marketing teams at BigCommerce, where they focus on enabling businesses of all sizes to sell more, sell faster and sell everywhere.

Headshot Meghan Stabler Bigcommerce Right

Headshot Illustration Speaker Chloe Thomas Left

Chloë Thomas

Author and Podcast Host

Chloë is a best selling author, international speaker, and a host of both the Award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast, and the new Keep Optimising Podcast. She is one of the Top 50 UK influencers in eCommerce and Shipping (Scurri 2019), and a globally recognised eCommerce marketing problem solver.

Watch to learn how agile transformation can future proof your business

Discover the power of ecommerce agility, especially in the time of COVID. Whether we like it or not, the way we shop and sell has changed, as well as the expectations of our customers. Now is the time to ask ourselves how we will adapt to this new landscape, and take advantage of new opportunities available to retailers.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Shifting business needs in the current market
  • What people are buying now that stores are opening up
  • Your path forward for success
  • Data, data, data