2020 BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards, EMEA

Agency partners provide merchants with innovative solutions to deliver world class online experiences including SEO services, UX/UI design, migration services and more!

Collage Person 2020 Agency Award Badge Bigcommerce Partner

Expertise Awards

Honouring partners who have established expertise in specific areas of focus.

Partner of the Year

Space48 is recognised for their overall excellence to solve merchant challenges and provide tremendous growth for multiple BigCommerce clients.

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New Partner of the Year

Tryzens is new to the BigCommerce partner network, but that didn’t stop them from delivering creative solutions to aid in the success of BigCommerce clients.

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New Frontier Award

Awarded to Thesio for accelerating BigCommerce’s expansion into new countries through their local domain expertise and successful client storefront launches.

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Excellence in Delivery

5874 consistently demonstrated an ability to launch client sites on time, on budget, in a way that leads to desired business outcomes.

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B2B Excellence Award

5874 was able to take on the complex and specific requirements of an Italian B2B business utilizing BigCommerce’s native platform functionality to deliver impressive results. 5874 added intricate customisation into the build, in a quick to market fashion bringing this offline business into the 21st century.

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Marketing Solutions Award

With the help of DeeperThanBlue, and BigCommerces’ built in SEO functions, this automotive business experienced an 18% increase in monthly sales and over $3,500 AOV per month.

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User Experience & Design Award

Williams Commerce created a world class, visually appealing design that enhances the user experience and leads to higher interactivity and conversion.

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Creative Problem Solving Award

Like Digital was able to deliver a unique solution to architect a multi- language and multi- regional online presence for a European luxury brand using the BigCommerce platform.

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Headless Award

Awarded for Calashock’s ability to leverage BigCommerce’s open APIs to deploy headless storefronts to power customised and engaging shopping experiences.

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