Future-proof your B2B business

In this virtual event, gain insights and actionable advice from industry leaders and B2B ecommerce professionals, united to support you and your growth in 2022 and beyond.

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Meet the Speakers

Headshot Illustration Jim Herbert Bigcommerce

Jim Herbert

The future of B2B commerce: headless, flexible and ready for growth

In this webinar, BigCommerce’s VP of EMEA uses his extensive ecommerce expertise to dive deep into how B2B businesses can be nimble and ready to shift with however the retail landscape changes.

Headshot Illustration Alex Comyn Stuart Barker And Digital

Alex Comyn and Stuart Barker

Everything you need to know about marketing your B2B brand

Looking to their experience on growing B2B brands at AND Digital, Alex and Stuart host a deep-dive into the do's and don'ts of B2B customer acquisition and marketing.

Headshot Illustration Pete Robertshaw Space48

Pete Robertshaw

Design and Customer Experience for B2B ecommerce

Learn how to achieve amazing growth using best practises in design and customer experience, for selling B2B! Create a better experience to increase conversion with Space 48’s digital commerce expert.

Headshot Illustration James Barlow Akeneo

James Barlow

Streamlining Product Information Management for B2B

Akeneo lead a discovery on how to improve your B2B selling experience by consistently delivering high-quality and accurate product information to your B2B buyers with James from Akeneo.

Headshot Illustration Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer Bloomreach

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer

The New B2B Buyer: what they seek and how to deliver It

Join Bloomreach’s EVP of EMEA to learn more about how your business can adopt new technologies to help you meet the new B2B buyer where they are: online.

Headshot Illustration Fiona Norton Alec Berkley Bigcommerce

Fiona Norton and Alec Berkley

Building the future of B2B commerce with B2B Edition and BundleB2B

When assessing the success of their ecommerce platform, B2B merchants are putting speed, scalability and connectivity at the top of the list. Join Fiona and Alec as they discuss these key problem areas and the tools that can provide the best solutions.

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