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Free ASIN Lookup Tool: The One Tool You Need to Sell More on Amazon

The trick to Amazon success is similar, in parts, to the trick with success on a webstore.

People have to be able to find you.

In this way, Amazon works similarly to Google –– using an algorithm based search functionality that displays results for consumers based on a variety of factors.

Unlike your webstore, however, getting found on Amazon is a constant battle.

You cannot build lifetime loyalty with your Amazon customers, meaning you can’t use email nurture streams to bring them back to you. Instead, you have to rely on search all the time.

On Amazon, you have to rely on search – all the time.

This makes it even more important that your products show up on page 1 of Amazon, and ideally in listing 1-3.

We worked with Amazon SEO expert Bryan Bowman in the Fall of 2016 to publish a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to ranking on page 1 of Amazon.

That content is invaluable, and it has helped hundreds of sellers increase their rankings and their sales on Amazon. In fact, we get emails pretty regularly telling us this.

Check it out (all SIC):

I’d like to send you a big heart felt thank you for saving my business!

Up until April, I was selling approximately 18 units per day on Amazon. I noticed as I added more listings, my rank would increase and sales.

Then I noticed that my ranking fell from page 2 to page 8.

Sales and the sessions dropped by more than half, but my conversion rate was a still a healthy ~17%.

So I dropped my price to cost and cranked up the PPC. My rankings returned however it couldn’t be sustained

I was being out ranked by women’s corsets and listings that have been out of stock forever.

It wasn’t until I read your article “How To Master Amazon SEO” that I considered rearranging the Product Title. I didn’t consider that the keyword at the beginning of the title had more weight than any other words.

After I rearranged the title and, I fell to the floor with shock! I was on Page 1!

Have I wasted all this time by not updating the Product Title? So I rearranged the title, lowered the price and re-introduced PPC.

Sales and ranking returned.


You can’t make up that kind of review –– and it got us over here at BigCommerce thinking:

How else can we help Amazon sellers sell more?

And to that, we’ve come up with a solution.

But first of all

What is an ASIN Number?

An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identifiation Number) is the unique code assigned to products by Amazon. This allows Amazon to group and catalog products, which generally leads to higher Amazon SEO rankings and more sales. Not all products are granted an ASIN number.

The ASIN Lookup Tool

We worked with our product team to create an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) lookup tool. After all, the Amazon ASIN database is open to the public, but not everyone knows how to leverage their API to look up a relevant ASIN number.

With this tool, you just drop in the link of the product, then do a reverse lookup based on the ASIN number of the product. We’ll email you the results, including:

  • ASIN #

  • Detail Page URL

  • Title

  • Manufacturer

  • Label

  • Studio

  • Product Group

  • Product Type Name

  • EAN

  • Binding (if applicable)

We’ll make frequent updates to this tool to add more robust features, such as ISBN and other product identifiers.

But that leaves the million dollar question: how can this tool help grow your business? The answer — SEO!

Let’s take the Amazon seller’s example above…

Had he been able to do a reverse ASIN lookup on Page 1 results for the search queries he wanted to rank for, he would have been able to see immediately that his product title was vastly different than the titles of ranking products. Plus, if applicable, he may have seen that his product group and product type name were also off.

All of these details are particularly important to Amazon’s search algorithm –– but are often hidden from view of regular web browsers.

Our new ASIN generator tool removes that layer –– emailing you all available information on a product the ranking of which you want to replicate.

Here is Your Free ASIN Lookup Tool

Keep in mind, reviews matter a lot for Amazon SEO as well. Keywords and categorization alone won’t get you to the top, but they will certainly help.

Many Amazon sellers have long been wondering how to get an Amazon ASIN number, and an easy solution has finally arrived.

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Amazon Pay Drives 20% of Sales

Within 2 weeks of implementing, multiple BigCommerce customers are seeing more than 20% of their customers checkout through Amazon Pay. Here’s what they have to say:

Increased mobile conversion

“By building these integrations with companies like Amazon Pay, BigCommerce provides non-household brands, like me, instant credibility. This equals a clear path to ~5% conversion rates on mobile with over 80% of sales on mobile.” – Brandon Chatham, NatoMounts

“The Amazon Pay button has been great, especially with our mobile device customers. Mobile customers are looking for easier ways to shop and the Amazon Pay button offers that. We’ve seen a considerable gain in mobile-based sales since we’ve implemented it.” – Mark Hawley, Metal Tech 4×4

Immediate ROI

“Amazon Pay was quick and easy to set up on BigCommerce, and after two weeks, 26% of our orders were processed by Amazon Pay.” – Tim Lorang, Power Support International

“We’ve seen a 25% increase in transactions coming in from Amazon Pay since implementing the solution.” – Eric Jones, Couture Candy

Ease of setup

“The implementation was a breeze with BigCommerce and Amazon working together. It was a seamless process done in short order by a non-technical site owner, i.e., me!” – Mark Hawley, Metal Tech 4×4

“The implementation process was fairly easy. Now, on any given day, we’re seeing between 30–50% of all orders choosing to use the Amazon Pay button over other methods of checkout.” – Jeff Jan, Solo Stove

Reduced friction at checkout

“The goal of our website is to make it easier for customers to do business with us. The Amazon Pay button allows customers to use their already established Amazon account to make a payment quickly and easily.” – Mark Hawley, Metal Tech 4×4

“We added the Amazon Pay button to give customers more choice. We know that a lot of people shop on Amazon so it made sense to allow them to use their Amazon-stored info to make purchasing on our site easier.” – Jeff Jan, Solo Stove

More trust, fewer errors

“Having the address information curated from the customer’s Amazon account significantly reduces the amount of invalid shipping addresses. When I added that as an option, our shipping people noticed the decrease the next day.” – Chris Bair, Ketochow

Improved payment choices

“From a branding perspective, we feel Amazon Pay is more appealing than other options and offers a better long-term merchant processing solution.” – Eric Jones, Couture Candy

“I absolutely recommend Amazon Pay. It’s the same transactional cost as most other payment processors. Plus, it was simple to set up. I don’t see a good reason not to do it! More payment options for customers can only be a win.” – Chris Bair, Ketochow

Integrate Amazon Pay on Your Store Now

Are you a BigCommerce customer? Great! Start using Amazon Pay right now.

Free ASIN Lookup Tool

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