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Health & Beauty Ecommerce Solutions

Case study: Henna Caravan hits 2X conversion rates in 3 weeks on BigCommerce.

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Examples of Health & Beauty Ecommerce Websites on BigCommerce

Your holistic solution for accelerating growth

Build award-winning customer experiences on the front-end without compromising on back-end ease-of-use for your growing team.

Blur the lines between content and commerce

In the absence of the physical experience sampling products, online health and beauty merchants need to inspire confidence and instill loyalty through seamless shopping experiences. Whether it’s created with native functionality — or on WordPress, Drupal, React, or custom-built — BigCommerce offers unparalleled versatility to ensure you’re well-positioned to utilise your site experience as a key part of your business strategy.

BigCommerce Helps Beauty and Fashion Brands Increase Online Sales

Never miss a chance to capitalise on your following

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are critical channels for health and beauty brands. Use BigCommerce to sync your product catalog with the social platforms to sell, advertise and track results in a single click. Best yet, get private beta invites to new social selling tools from Facebook and Instagram before they launch.

Innovate with confidence

Personalisation presents an opportunity to deliver innovative experiences as unique as your shoppers — as long as you have the tools, support and know-how to make it happen. BigCommerce empowers you with native segmentation features and promotional rules, expansive ecosystem support, and specialised services to successfully differentiate your health and beauty brand online.

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“With an average conversion rate of more than 4% and strong built-in SEO, we are very happy with our choice of BigCommerce.”Con Kazantzidis, Founder of The Stray Whisker
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