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Go Global with Your Ecommerce: Join Our Ecommerce 360 Globalisation Summit

Hear from first-class industry experts to unlock your global ecommerce potential!

Listen to BigCommerce, Adyen, ShipperHQ, Avalara, Klevu, Akeneo and Space 48 teams on the on-demand Ecommerce 360 Globalisation Summit on 23 March 2022. You can register here.

About the Event.

Ecommerce 360 Globalisation Summit is an online event where ecommerce experts will discuss key issues facing global merchants in 2022 and how they can enable global growth.

Learn. Discover. Connect.

Access to 8 sessions where teams will discuss insights, predictions and trends with industry-leading technology and agency partners. You’ll learn how to grow and amplify your international online business with insights covering international SEO, payments, taxes and customs, global shipping best practices, multi-language personalisation and more. 

Meet Our Speakers.

Jim Herbert, GM EMEA at BigCommerce

Three focus areas for global growth in 2022 and beyond. 

This session will dive into ways to ignite fast, scalable international growth in 2022. We’ll explore three primary focus areas, including how to prioritise localisation, where technology can save time (and money!) and why an omnichannel approach is key for diversifying and stabilising your international strategy.

Lidia Infante, Senior International SEO Manager at BigCommerce

How to reach more customers with a truly international SEO strategy

“The main pitfall for companies expanding across borders is a one-size-fits-all approach to their ecommerce websites. Understanding the business reasons behind your international expansion and the needs and pain points of your audience is the key to success.” — Lidia Infante, Senior International SEO Manager

Masa Prastalo, Channel Partnership Manager at Adyen

How FKA Brands are using payments to drive their growth

“With the right payments technology, international expansion can be seamless. Adyen’s session with FKA Brands explores how we helped them build trust with consumers, increase conversions and grow their revenue across the UK, Italy and Germany, in a world where online shopping has never been in more demand.” — Masa Prastalo, Channel Partnership Manager

Jared Smith, Head of Sales at ShipperHQ

Customer Experience with International Shipping

Ecommerce is not always smooth sailing when it comes to shipping to multiple countries. This session will break down the do’s and don’ts of international shipping and bring to light what you need to know in order to master a truly exceptional global customer shipping experience. 

Ianthe Spillemaeckers, Regional Sales Manager, Nicole Morton, Cross-Border Solutions Manager, Olivia Gates, International Manager and James Bright, EMEA Partnerships Manager at Avalara 

Simplifying global VAT and customs compliance for 2022

“Given the current growth in cross-border ecommerce, merchants are under greater scrutiny to get compliance right. Avalara’s session will be able to help by providing our insight and guidance on tax compliance for merchants who are looking to expand globally. Our panel will highlight the key legislation that’s impacting merchants and will also be discussing the steps required in order to achieve compliance.” — James Bright, EMEA Partnerships Manager

Niraj Aswani, Co-Founder and CTO, and Claudia Ditri, Partnerships EMEA at Klevu

How linguistics and AI scale localised product discovery

“Businesses expanding into new markets have to jump through many hoops such as tax, teams, supply chain, logistics, payments, and more. But localised language and merchandising strategies can be easy. Whether you’re a small ecommerce team looking to expand your brand, or a centralised team managing many regions, we will show you how Klevu leverages linguistics and AI to localise product discovery and delight customers globally, at scale.” — Claudia Ditri, Head of Partnerships EMEA

Joseph Richardson, Technology & Alliance Partner Manager at Akeneo

Check your Product Experience before you wreck Customer Experience

“Our session explains what Product Experience Management is and how companies can use this practice to boost sales conversions, increase productivity and reduce time-to-market. Several weird and funny product experience examples will be shared as well as the chance for people to check how their current product experience is performing against an industry benchmark.” — Joseph Richardson, Technology & Alliance Partner Manager

Pete Robertshaw, Head of Ecommerce Consulting, Paul Casey, Head of Account Management, Oliver Lees, Head of Data and Insight and Molly Smith, Content Marketing Manager at Space 48

How to become a global omnichannel expert

“We’re going to discuss global ecommerce and the challenges you may face as a retailer when growing internationally, and, through our experience, how we can help solve those challenges.

This new era of global commerce requires brands who maybe haven’t always dealt with international ecommerce to step up and create excellent customer experiences not only in their home market but overseas. How can brands replicate this model and hedge on technology to provide the experiences, scalability and data needed to keep pace with the rapid changes?” — Pete Robertshaw, Head of Ecommerce Consulting

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Oceane Deslandes is Content Marketing Manager EMEA at BigCommerce, where she works on the content strategy and creation across all active regions in EMEA, currently including the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Germany.