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Amazon’s “Give a Little Bit” Campaign Gives a Lot

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Amazon’s “Give a little bit” campaign literally checked all boxes. The singing delivery boxes cleverly used Amazon’s smile logo as lips that sang to a karaoke rendition of the Supertramp 70s classic track, “Give A Little Bit.”

Source: Nick Foster Music

This commercial reminds us of the cultural significance of Amazon’s iconic delivery boxes over the holidays. And the clever use of singing animal-like delivery boxes drives home the warmth and spirit of holiday giving to connect with its customers.

By taking us through a journey of a package delivery, the commercial taps into human holiday emotion while showcasing the company’s robust logistics prowess.

From an Amazon fulfillment center to a large Amazon cargo plane, to a motorbike through the streets of what looks like Hong Kong, the package is finally delivered to a girl on a remote island from an Amazon van that received it from a small aircraft carrier.

The Amazon box sings and smiles all through the commercial — and so does the girl who receives it.

Brand valuation firm Kantar Millward Brown crowned the commercial the “most talked-about Christmas ad” in the UK across 12 factors, including persuasion, entertainment, involvement, originality, and likeability. It beat out John Lewis, Aldi, Argos, and 14 other brands.  

Holiday Marketing Takeaway

Tapping into all the emotions and joy of the holiday season — while showcasing your strengths as a brand — makes for a winning combination.

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