BigCommerce Success Services

Empower your team with experts and educational services tailored to take your ecommerce to the next level.

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Ecommerce Success Services

Enterprise Account Management

Glean insights from dedicated ecommerce experts to advance your ecommerce strategies and business goals.

Our Ecommerce Services Help You Grow Your Business

Proactive outreach

Your Account Manager is your single point of contact to help you reach your full potential with BigCommerce. As an internal advocate who is intimately familiar with all aspects of your business, your Account Manager will operate as an extension of your team, proactively sharing best practices, new features and integrations, and ensuring you are apprised of relevant platform updates.

Plan successful campaigns to drive online revenue!

A plan for your success

Every quarter, your Account Manager will create a Success Plan with new ideas designed to help you maximize success on the platform, including strategies to improve underperforming products, SEO recommendations, and opportunities to grow other channels.

"Our account manager has been extremely helpful. His knowledge and guidance have saved us a lot of time, money and frustration."


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BigCommerce Helps Our Customers Grow Their Business

Technical Account Management

Save time and stress solving complicated tech issues with our team of technical advisors. Your Technical Account Manager will work with you to develop a strategy for integrations and apps to configure native and custom functionality to your specifications. As your internal advocate at BigCommerce, your account manager will oversee all aspects of your store’s technological health, providing Support case oversight and serving as your internal advocate at BigCommerce.

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World-Class Account Management Services

Functional Specifications Document

We’ll work with you to develop a technical reference guide tailored to your store, saving you time on diagnostics so that technical issues can be resolved faster.

Escalation Management

Your Technical Account Manager will expedite resolution of Support cases, providing regular updates on bug fixes, feature requests and new functionality that is relevant to your business.

Technical Reviews

We’ll provide regular advice and recommendations to help you improve efficiency and effectiveness on the platform. We keep you informed on emerging trends and opportunities so you can focus on your business.

BigCommerce Education Services

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World-Class Ecommerce Education Services


  • 1 year of on-demand access
  • 2 subscribers
  • 4 hours of follow-up consulting by a BigCommerce trainer

BigCommerce Campus

  • 1 year of on-demand access
  • 5 subscribers
  • 3.5 days of hands-on instruction at BigCommerce

Personalized On-Site

  • 1 year of on-demand access
  • 5 subscribers
  • 3.5 days of lab-based instruction at your location (U.S. only)