Chapter 3 Amazon Inventory, Orders & Warehousing Directory

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Amazon Inventory & Order Management Solutions

If you are a multi-channel seller, keeping track of your overall inventory levels can get tricky. If you oversell inventory, you upset customers and are on the fast track to getting your Amazon account suspended. And if you undersell, you have lost out on sales. You need to have real-time inventory numbers to manage inventory by channel, giving you the ability to replenish FBA quickly (if required) or place new product orders with your suppliers if you are running out on critical selection.

Key Issues to Consider

There is quite a bit of variation across inventory and order management companies. Some charge a percentage of sales, while others charge by the number of orders processed. Some incorporate sophisticated analytics and purchase order management tools, while others incorporate some listing functionality, repricers, accounting software integration and shipping rate optimization tools. Also, not all marketplaces can be handled by each inventory and order management tool today. Careful due diligence on such centrally critical software is necessary for the individual business owner.

Ask each company:

  • What’s included and what’s not?
  • How much automation of which steps can the software do?
  • How much flexibility do you have to roll into or out of the software? How long is the on-boarding process, and what “house-in-order” steps are required of you to get started?

NameChannel ServedPhoneContact
BalanceMaxxAmazon(262) 536-0057Email
BrightpearlMultichannel(888) 320-5069Contact Form
BrowntapeMultichannel(+91) 95954 62102Email
EcomdashMultichannel(704) 687–8067Email
EtailsolutionsMultichannel(855) 840-8400Email
FillzMultichannel(855) 655-6441Email
GetcartaMultichannel(800) 377-9202Email
LinnworksMultichannel+1 347 391 2804Email
Monsoon CommerceMultichannel(800) 520-2294Contact Form
OrderhiveMultichannel(888) 878-5538Email
OrdoroMultichannel(512) 271-9453Email
RetailopsMultichannel(855) 294-8383Email
SalesdashFBA onlyn/aContact Form
SalesWarpMultichannel(410) 276-4600Email
SelleractiveMultichannel(800) 545-7385Email
SellercloudMultichannel(888) 315-6652Email
SellerexpressMultichannel(028) 7136-3727Contact Form
SkubanaMultichannel(917) 769-3260Email
Solid CommerceMultichannel(800) 750-7617Email
VoloMultichannel44(0) 207 268 3045Contact Form

Multichannel Selling Solutions

For a seller looking to build and house its listing data in one place, as well as to coordinate inventory across multiple marketplaces, the multichannel sales providers offer a suitable solution.

Key Issues to Consider

While the combined use of a listing solution and an inventory and order management solution may be appropriate for some sellers, other sellers solve the listing-inventory-order issue using a single solution. For sellers using this second option, the companies below offer support to multi-channel sellers, getting their listings and inventory organized and pushed out to various sales channels.

CompanyChannel ServedPhoneContact
Channel AdvisorMultichanneln/aContact Form
Channel UnityMultichanneln/aContact Form
M2E ProMultichannel(408) 520-9775n/a
Retail TowerMultichanneln/aContact Form
SellbriteMultichannel1-888-411-4117Contact Form
SureDoneMultichanneln/aContact Form
LinnworksMultichannel1 347 391 8948Contact Form

Amazon Shipping Solutions

While many Amazon sellers are 100% FBA sellers, using Amazon’s UPS Ground program for inbound shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, anything beyond that model will require shopping for shipping solutions.

Key Issues to Consider

Many Amazon sellers are 100% FBA sellers and use Amazon’s UPS Ground program for inbound shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. If you want to use anything beyond that, it will require shopping for shipping solutions.

NameChannel ServedPhoneContact
EndiciaMultichannel(800) 576-3279Contact Form
OrdoroMultichannel(512) 271-9453Email
Parcel HubMultichannel0808 168 6013Contact Form
ShipperHQMultichannel(614) 526-9534Email
ShipStationMultichannel(512) 485-4282Contact Form
ShipworksMultichannel(800) 952-7784Contact Form
TrulycommerceMultichannel(888) 864-8151Email
Deliv.CoMultichanneln/aContact Form
PostmatesMultichannel(800) 882-6106Email
Stamps.ComMultichannel(855) 889-7867Contact Form
ShippoMultichannel(555) 341-9393Contact Form
OrdercupMultichannel(877) 240-3545Email
ShipheroMultichannel(877) 671-6011Email
ShiplarkMultichannel(877) 753-5373Contact Form
ShippingEasyMultichannel(855) 202-2275Contact Form
ShiprobotMultichannel(888) 750-8286Contact Form
ShiprushMultichannel(206) 812-7874Email
TeapplixMultichannel(650) 516-6058Contact Form
TrueshipMultichannel(877) 818-7447Contact Form
4PXMultichannel86-755-23508000Contact Form
AGLCAmazon400-910-5669Contact Form
CNE ExpressMultichannel400-021-5800Email
Encompass ShippingAmazon(212) 434-0066Contact Form
First Choice ShippingAmazon(855) 382-9446Email
Logistics PlusMultichannel(866) 564-7587Email
Nippon ExpressMultichanneln/aEmail
SpainboxMultichannel(347) 308-7888Contact Form
Transglobal Express GmbHMultichannel0345 145 1212 Email
Woodland GroupMultichanneln/aEmail
ZHYMultichannel(400) 700-5618Email
B2C EuropeMultichanneln/aEmail
SFC ServiceMultichanneln/aEmail

Amazon Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Solutions

Do you pride yourself on moving into bigger warehouses every couple of years, all because your business keeps growing? Are you spending more and more of your time managing your warehouse (staff, equipment, operations), rather than building your business? You probably didn’t become an entrepreneur to become an expert on the intricacies of managing a warehouse.

Key Issues to Consider

While competitively-priced 3PLs can be more expensive than the out-of-pocket costs of running your own warehouse, your most precious asset is your time to spend on building your business. Be prepared to spend a little more on warehousing through a 3PL in order to free yourself up from all of the headaches a warehouse often brings a small business owner.

Not all 3PLs are equally experienced at FBA prep, poly bagging, bundling and kitting. Do your research carefully, and talk with case study clients that the 3PL provides. Also, expect some transition period up front as you train the 3PL employees on exactly the process you want for your order processing.

NameChannel ServedPhoneContact
NewgisticsMultichannel(877) 860-5997Email
PnplineMultichannel(201) 580-2681Email
Prep It Pack It Ship ItFBA only(760) 576-4404Email
Prep Label BoxFBA only(866) 964-2867Email
Prime Zero PrerpFBA onlyn/aConact Form
SellTecPrepFBA only(406) 320-0079Email
SM OperatorsMultichannel(866) 757-1377 Email 
Swan Packaging FulfillmentMultichannel(973) 790-8417Email 
TranstradeMultichannel(800) 880-8173 Email 
StorefeederMultichannel(0843) 523-6610Email 523-6520Contact Form
WiseloadsMultichanneln/aContact Form

Table of Contents

IntroThe Amazon Seller Services & Solutions Directory
Chapter 1 Amazon Product Research: Tools, Software, & Sourcing
Chapter 2 Amazon Product Listing Optimization
Chapter 3 Amazon Inventory, Orders & Warehousing Directory
Chapter 4 Returns, Accounting & More Post-Sales Services
Chapter 5 Amazon Customer Management Solutions
Chapter 6 The Best Marketing Services for Amazon Sellers


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