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How to Beat Amazon: 5 Best Practices Any Online Store Can Use Today [Infographic]

Chris Apollo Lynn / 1 min read
how to beat amazon infographic

As independent online store owners, it can sometimes feels like we’re in a shadow fight against the Big A. Customers want low prices, so we lower our prices—but that ends up only decreasing our profit margin. And if the margins are too low, then it can be hard to run a successful business.

Instead of blindingly trying to beat them at the pricing game, we have to figure out ways we can provide a better experience for our customers. Whether it’s giving them a store dedicated to a particular niche, or just providing them with more of a boutique experience, there are many ways you can standout from Amazon. But before we can add flare, we’ve got to get the basics down first.

To help you beat Amazon, the good folks at Wiser have created an infographic, below. From product descriptions and shipping to pricing and testing keywords, this infographic is chock-full of best practices that will help you achieve parity so your sales can rocket into the stratosphere. Check it out.

How do you beat Amazon?

5 ways to stop getting Amazoned

how to beat amazon infographic


Chris Apollo Lynn

Chris Apollo Lynn

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