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How 5 Online Businesses Already Increased Revenue Up to 96.44% – Just By Selling on eBay

Tracey Wallace / 3 min read

For online brands looking to expand into new markets, eBay is often overlooked in favor of Amazon or selling on Facebook.

And that’s leaving massive amounts of revenue on the table for those businesses who do look to eBay for expansion.

After all, eBay has a total 167 million shoppers, whom of which spent $84 billion in 2016 alone. That’s not measly amount of cash –– not even for multi-million dollar online stores.

In fact, eBay has quite a few things going for it in comparison to other channels you might consider.

  1. It’s much easier to get set up on. In fact, it takes minutes.
  2. Fraud reportedly occurs less often on the marketplace –– saving you time and frustration
  3. Due to less competition, it is easier to rank and grow sales quickly, as in less than 3 months.

That’s why in November 2016, BigCommerce and eBay partnered up to make getting set up that much easier –– and increase revenue for savvy brands looking to grow sales without much work.

That integration remains the industry’s only active native integration enabling you to increase sales by selling directly to eBay’s massive customer base, right from your BigCommerce control panel.

And, manage it all in your order panel.

The use cases vary from brand to brand, but hundreds of stores are already connected and pulling in additional revenue with very little additional work.

Below are just 5 eBay business success stories — and how they did it.

Start Selling on eBay Now

Don’t wait until right before the holiday season to test out the eBay channel. Get started now.

Jen Thomas, Owner, Smudgy Monkey Gifts & Accessories

  • 96.44% increase in revenue through eBay + BigCommerce integration as of 2017

Ten years ago, my husband was laid off so I started a business to sell items on eBay to fill the gap while he was looking for work.

I was fortunate to find a niche product that was trending at the time and my business experienced growth each year.

Eventually I opened an ecommerce store off eBay. While I continue to sell on eBay through that store, I am hopeful to swing the buyers from eBay to my ecommerce store and make them customers who will return to Smudgy Monkey when they are looking for a thoughtful gifts from a store that offers exceptional customer service and value.

That said, establishing credibility through sales on eBay with an emphasis on great customer service has been my most successful marketing tactic to date.

Clive de Sousa, CEO, Glory Cycles

  • 1.5% increase in revenue through eBay + BigCommerce integration as of 2017

I saw a notification my BigCommerce dashboard in 2016 that there was a new integration with eBay. I thought: “Why not go for it If it’s going to be quick and easy?” So, I went ahead and installed it and went from there.

The process was very simple and easy to use. The only challenge we ran into was that our own data not been sufficient for what eBay needed. We had to update that.

But the integration itself works fantastic for us! It has open some sales opportunities we were not aware of and we have expanded these.

Although we haven’t even yet expanded our data to what the BigCommerce system is capable of doing, we can confirm our eBay sales are up by more than 50% on what we were doing for very little additional work. Plus, overall revenue is up 1.5% –– again, with very little work.

I’d recommend the integration for sure! In fact this might be better the other way around: I would suggest BigCommerce to any eBay store owners.

Damon Didier, VP of Marketing at Office Furniture Source

  • 46.7% increase in revenue through eBay + BigCommerce integration as of 2017

BigCommerce’s connections to eBay and Amazon have driven considerable online sales for us, and strong SEO has helped to drive both online and in-store sales.

Nikole Smith, Office Manager & Customer Service Manager, Hawk Supplements

  • 100% increase in revenue through eBay + BigCommerce integration as of 2017

The biggest drivers of sales for us this year have been advertising on Facebook and selling on eBay!

Nick Borrelli, Ecommerce Marketing Director, Nu Wave Marine

  • .13% increase in revenue through eBay + BigCommerce integration as of 2017

Before I started my shop, I was selling motorcycle and got in a bad crash while delivering one. After, I was fired from my job and I had to move back home with my dad.

At the time, my dad owned a small marine mechanic shop. I started digging through his piles of parts and selling them on eBay.

I had no ecommerce experience and no boating experience, but I was successful! So, I started listing new products on eBay and before you knew it, it was a full time operation.

The logical next step was to cut out the middleman (eBay) so that we could make more profit. That’s when I met BigCommerce, built a site, taught myself SEO and PPC. eBay still drives sales for us, though, and contributes to overall bottom line.

Final Word

Not selling yet on eBay? You’re leaving money on the table. It’s quick. It’s easy. It works. If you’re looking for even more inspiration to help you get started, here’s how one company escalated to more than $100,000 in monthly sales.

Start Selling on eBay Now

Don’t wait until right before the holiday season to test out the eBay channel. Get started now.

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Tracey Wallace

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