Did you know that average ecommerce conversion rates are 1% – 2%? It means that for every 100 online store visitors, up to two of them turn into this store’s customers.

If we imagine 100 people crowding in a brick and mortar store and we realize only two of them would buy something, this news could be depressing. Luckily, the online world is driven by different laws and ecommerce stores are visited daily by thousands of customers.

Considering that, the 2% conversion rate doesn’t sound bad, right? However, no matter how good or bad your conversion rate is, you should always make sure that you did everything to have it as high as possible.

Live Chat Can Convert Customers and Improve Customer Service

Below we outline the benefits of using live chat on your website to create a memorable customer experience.

Live Chat

1. Instant customer service.

One of the things that people love in “traditional” stores is the store assistant. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a particular pair of shoes or just a different color of that jumper; they’re always there to help.

It’s pretty much more complicated when a potential customer is browsing your website.

Your website can be unintuitive, and a customer may not be able to find the information they’re looking for. Sometimes, they can simply be too busy to dig through the pages. Others will find it easier to switch to another website than to make a phone call or send an email.

Live chat makes it all pretty simple for both sides. A customer can click the chat window anytime they need assistance. Live chat agents can see which website is the customer browsing and can provide instant answers.

Why it’s important? Because people purchase decisions are made in seconds. One quick answer about the shipping costs question can become a deal-maker for your customer.

2. Chatting with several customers at one time.

The advantage of live chat support over any other form of communication is that a single agent can talk with several customers. While it doesn’t happen in real life and is not possible on the phone, one agent can talk with five or six customers at one time.

It’s possible because most live chat apps offer convenient features that let your agents respond quickly. They can see customers’ messages before they send it in, they can respond to frequent questions with pre-populated messages. Also, let’s not forget about people’s ability to multitask!

Thanks to that, no customers are waiting in a queue, all questions are responded quickly, and you don’t miss any chance to assist your customers.

Ecommerce Live Chat

3. Easy to spot chat window.

While most of the online contact forms of contact details are hidden in the depths of store’s website, live chat can be visible on every page your customer is browsing. Is it a chat window, is it an eye-catcher or a chat bubble, it draws the attention of your website visitors and increases chances of chatting.

Another thing is that once they decide to look for help, they are just one click away from chatting with your agents. It’s important because offering advice over chat makes customers more keen to make a purchase. Also, customers treated with good service make bigger orders!

4. Automated chat greetings.

Automated chat greetings are one of the most important live chat features. It works exactly the way a store assistant greets customers: once a visitor enters your online store (or a particular website), chat greeting starts and offers help.

If you analyze your website and know your customers’ pain points, you can set up chat greetings to start at the exact moment when your customer needs it.

For example, if you’ve noticed that your customer spends a lot of time in a shopping cart, you can be quite sure they have a problem. Offering them help can increase a chance that they will finish the purchase.

Benefits of Live Chat Conversions

5. Personalized service.

Every time a customer enters a “traditional” store or contacts an online store by phone, they are entirely new to a person they talk to. A customer service agent doesn’t know whether it’s a returning customer or not, what kind of products the customer likes, or in what product they are interested today.

A good live chat app allows you to see valuable sales information like pages that the visitor was browsing, time spent on your page, the history of chats with this visitor or their email address. Thanks to that, you can provide personalized help and amazing customer experience.

6. Pre-chat surveys.

One of the brick-and-mortar stores’ problems is that the customers come and go. It’s pretty tricky to spot a returning customer. For that reason, most business owners are not able to nurture relationships with them.

Pre-chat surveys solve these problems as it makes your website visitors to introduce themselves (by giving their name and email address for example). Thanks to that, you can stay in touch with every website visitor who has ever chatted with you. You can also check this person’s previous orders and suggest products they can like.

Also, you can integrate your live chat with an email management app and ask your website visitors to opt-in for your newsletters or build a loyalty program for them.

7. Live chat integrations.

Speaking of integrations, in many cases, you can use plugins or 3rd party apps to upgrade your live chat.

For example, you can integrate live chat with your CRM to automatically gather customer information. You can track the impact of chats to your sales and learn more about your customers by adding analytics tools. By plugging your live chat to your shop platform, you can provide help in real-time and see in the app total cart value, cart details or even last order details.

With that, you can provide better, faster and more accurate help to your customers and guide them to the payment gate.

Live Chat Reports

8. Reports.

You can't provide excellent customer service if you don't measure your team's effectiveness. Reports allow you to keep track of your metrics and improve your service wherever needed.

The most important metrics you should keep your eye on the total number of chats (and confront it with the number of your agents), first response time (keep it as low as possible), and chat satisfaction (the indicator of how happy your customers are).

If any of these metrics differ from your industry’s benchmark, it’s a sign there’s a room for improvement.

9. After-hours forms.

Every time your team is offline, you can still gather customer inquiries. All you have to do is to set up an after-hours form. When you log off, the chat window on your website is replaced with the form with a request to leave the message.

Once your customer leaves it (as well as their name and email), the message will be turned into a message that will be received by your live chat team as soon as they log in. Thanks to that, you won’t miss any leads while offline.

10. Chatbots.

Who hasn’t heard about chatbots? These little workaholics are available 24/7/365, can handle 1000 chats at once and love repetitive work. Sounds like a perfect live chat agent, right?

If you don’t have a dedicated live chat team or a small one, adding a chatbot is a great solution. Chatbots work when you sleep and never get tired!

Let’s not forget though that nothing can replace the real human to human interaction. You can teach chatbot to deal with most common problems, but for more complicated cases, you need a skilled live chat agent.

Ecommerce Live Chat Examples


Live chat is the fastest channel of the online contact, but many businesses still fail to utilize its benefits. I hope that thanks to the above tips, you will be able to choose the right live chat tool for your business.

Remember that live chat is not only a simple tool - it can be used as a robust ecommerce solution. It helps to bring more traffic, provide amazing customer service and, of course, increase conversions.

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