Ignite your business with world-class marketing solutions.

We’re here to help you market your business with ease. With the help of built-in marketing features and an extensive range of third-party apps, further grow your audiences and build your brand.

Optimise with best-in-class SEO.

Our sites are designed for better search engine rankings — with search-friendly themes, sitewide HTTPS, optimised URLs, automatic sitemaps, and microdata. Plus, you get full control to customise your URLs, titles, header tags, and metadata.

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Entice back existing shoppers with abandoned cart saver.

With our built-in abandoned cart saver, send customisable emails to shoppers who leave during the checkout process — showing them what items they added and reminding them to come back and check out. Simply activating the abandoned cart saver tool can help recover lost sales and increase revenue for some merchants.

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Use customer segmentation for more precise message targeting.

With the Customer Groups feature, you can classify your customers into different segments based on your own criteria — like their level of loyalty, preferred products, and more. Then, personalize their offers and shopping experience.

Build out your built-in blog for content marketing.

Every BigCommerce store has a built-in blog, which can be an excellent tool for promoting your products and giving your store that personal touch — as well as boosting your site's SEO ranking. If you’re using a different blogging platform or simply don’t want to blog, it’s easy to toggle off.

Activate social sharing on products and purchases.

Social share buttons allow your customers to easily show off their purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms. Since a majority of online shoppers also use at least one form of social media, these buttons can create valuable, free promotion. Add this feature onto individual product pages to call attention to particular items.

Help shoppers find your business with Facebook Ads.

Seamlessly connect to Facebook Ads through our extension, and create targeted ads from your product catalogue to find new shoppers and increase sales.

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Tap into new customers with Google Shopping.

Advertise your products to millions of users searching on Google, and make it easy for them to shop your products directly from Google. Drive even more qualified leads — plus you only pay when shoppers visit your store.

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Reach customers through email marketing.

Sync your store data with leading email marketing platforms like MailChimp, G Suite, and Constant Contact. From there, you can easily promote products based on buying history, target long-time customers with rewards, and even win back previous shoppers with special offers.

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Reward repeat customers with a simple integration.

Make a lasting connection with your shoppers through customer loyalty programs. With BigCommerce, you can add in simple integrations with best-in-breed apps like Smile.io, Marsello, S Loyalty, and more.

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