High-quality POS integrations for your needs

Connect your online store with leading point-of-sale solutions

BigCommerce features native integrations with the best POS platforms in the industry. Unlike other ecommerce solutions, we don’t force you to use a proprietary POS system; you can connect to the POS software of your choice with just a few clicks.

Connect to Square

BigCommerce is the only full-featured ecommerce platform that offers product and inventory syncing with Square, the mobile POS solution used by more than 2 million sellers. Your inventory will be instantly updated whenever an order is placed online or offline, eliminating manual tasks and overselling. You can also use Square for online payment processing and have funds deposited as soon as the next business day.
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Connect to Vend

Use Vend and BigCommerce to grow your business in-store and online. Save time by centrally managing inventory, sales, products and customers while Vend and BigCommerce stay in sync. Vend will ensure your inventory is accurate and up-to-date whether sales are happening in-store or online, so that your staff can focus on tasks like selling and fulfilling orders. Boost your bottom line with insights into what’s really making you money across your channels.
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Connect to Epos Now

Seamlessly connect your Epos Now inventory to BigCommerce and easily manage your sales and inventory across all channels. Make running and growing business easy with inventory management tools and leading integrations across the payment and shipping providers you need.

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Connect to Hike

Hike and BigCommerce make it easier than ever to start and grow your business across all online and offline channels, even internationally. Use Hike to sell products in-store, at pop-up stores or markets around the globe, plus expand online with BigCommerce.
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Sell Online In Person

Seamlessly sell online and in person

Quickly launch an online store using existing inventory, manage products from one location and get a single view of all your sales. 

Sell your whole catalogue

Sync your catalogue between your online and brick-and-mortar stores to offer your entire inventory to consumers, regardless of where they’re shopping. 

Save time and reduce errors

Automatically update your inventory whenever you make a sale, online or in person. That eliminates additional bookkeeping, errors and overselling.

Get set up quickly and easily

Our POS integrations let you easily expand online and sell to shoppers all over the world. With a few clicks, you can push your POS inventory to BigCommerce and open a new online store. You can also send your BigCommerce inventory to a POS and quickly open a brick-and-mortar store or pop-up-shop with no need to manage two catalogues. 

Offer more ways to pay

BigCommerce connects with point-of-sale systems that offer a multitude of in-person payment options, including credit cards (swipe, chip or key), debit cards, gift cards and even mobile wallets. 

Process payments online and in person 

Many of our POS integrations offer payment processing for both online and in-person transactions, giving you one solution for all your transactions. 

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