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Showcase products on Instagram to grow sales

Showcase products on Instagram to grow sales

Use your BigCommerce catalogue to tag products in your Instagram posts.

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Market to more than 800 million active Instagram users

Our integration with Instagram can help  you grow your reach by effortlessly marketing your products in Instagram posts.

Connect your catalogue to Instagram

Create shopping posts on Instagram from your products by sending your entire catalogue to Instagram with a few clicks from the BigCommerce Channel Manager. 

Showcase products in your posts

In addition to tagging 5 products per post, businesses can tag up to 20 products in a multi-image post. You now also have a Shop button on your Instagram profile if you’d like to add those features to the description.

Drive shoppers to your store

From the product details view, shoppers can tap a “Shop now” link to go right to your site and purchase the product.

We’ve seen a 12.61% increase in Instagram traffic and an 8% lift in purchases attributable to Instagram Shopping. The integration has been seamless. It is easy to tag products and drive customers directly to the product page right from Instagram.John Lott, CFO/CCO of Spearmint Love