About the App

Attraqt is the growth engine for trailblazers in omnichannel product discovery. Flagship customers include PrettlyLittleThing, TheKooples, Cdiscount, LaPerla, and OKA.

Our app provides:

  • Lightning-fast Search

  • Smart Merchandising

  • Dynamic Recommendations & Personalisation

  • Actionable Insights

Proven results:

  • +20% overall conversions

  • +35% in conversion rate from search

  • +15% increase in global revenue

  • +£3m-£50m additional annual turnover

Built for Peak with over 127 billion queries in 2020, 99.9+% uptime, and regional support in UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand

Product Discovery is in our DNA

It forms the core of everything we do and how we support you! It's not just the platform and tools we provide, but the customer success strategies that we work hand-in-hand with you on to find joint success.

API-Driven & User Friendly

Built on a headless architecture, we make it easy to integrate and manage using tools and dashboards designed for trading and merchandising teams.


AI doesn't have to be a 'black box'. We believe in transparency and giving your trading teams visibility into the 'why' so they can make data-informed decisions.

A/B Testable

Test and analyse the performance of your personalisation and merchandising strategies with our simple-to-use A/B testing tool to optimise conversion and engagement.



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Last Updated:

November 30, 2022

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.


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Custom Pricing:



Last Updated:

November 30, 2022

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.


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App Features

Fast & Relevant Search

Essential Search (auto-enabled)

Enhanced search capabilities that deliver fast, accurate, and relevant results to each shopper by analysing real-time on-site shopper behaviour. Capabilities include stemming, spell correction, synonyms, fuzzy search, redirects, and applying algorithm-based triggers to align with your business goals**.**

AI Search (add-on)

In addition, our advanced, AI-powered Search, utilising natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, delivers more complete and accurate experiences for even the most complex and unstructured search requests. Our self-learning algorithms constantly tweak and optimise themselves on your behalf based on customer information, queries and real-time shopper behaviours and interactions.

Our customers are seeing substantial results from using our AI-powered search engine:

  • +35% in conversion rate from search

  • +37% in commercial value from long-tail searches

  • - 97% in zero search results

  • - 13% in refined and rephrased searches

Smart Merchandising

Customise category and product-listing pages to each shopper's intent to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences while achieving your commercial goals. Our solution enables you to define tailored ranking strategies based on the context, including promoting specific brands, showcasing the breadth of your catalogue, merchandising visually or by KPI, and removing or demoting unwanted products.

Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks and free up your merchandisers to focus on value-added tasks, such as optimising trading strategies, seasonal promotions and making better use of insights and data analytics.

Our customers have seen significant efficiency and value gains through our proprietary approach:

  • 30% better 'total cost of ownership' (TCO)

  • 60% improvement in operational efficiency

Dynamic Product & Content Recommendations

Deliver personalised recommendations to your shoppers by configuring widgets within the Attraqt console. Once configured, widgets can easily be added to your store using Attraqt's custom widgets on the BigCommerce Page Builder. Among other things, you are able to:

  • Create custom sets of recommended products or content based on algorithm strategies such as similarity, complementarity, best sellers, cross- and upsell, etc.

  • A/B test algorithms or strategies to provide the best recommendations

  • Use merchandising rules to complement the algorithm's results

In addition, our email personalisation feature enables you to integrate personalised recommendations into your emails to extend the online shopping experience with personalised re-engagement campaigns.

Our customers' results speak for themselves:

  • +17.6% in conversion directly from recommendations

  • +40% in click-through rate directly from recommendations

  • +21% in average order value (AOV)

  • +25% overall increase in email click-through rate

  • +30% in click-through rate from recommendations as a result of re-engagement activity

  • 80% of the turnover generated via 20% of products that have personalised recommendations applied

Intuitive Analytics & Testing

Easy-to-understand Analytics

Our analytics interface is built for non-technical users and offers insightful data visualisations to easily improve strategies and maximise business impact. Instantly access advanced analytics such as the recommendations provided, number of clicks, direct buys, and many more.

Preview & Verify

We don't believe in a black-box approach. Easily preview and verify personalisation algorithms and merchandising rules through our Chrome extension, so that you remain in full control of the brand experience.

Test & Optimise

Easily conduct A/B/n tests across product recommendations, merchandising rules, product listing page (PLP) rankings and more. Determine which strategies work best for different audiences and use cases so that your Merchandisers can focus on what is proven to make a difference.

Our customers have seen substantial gains from using our A/B testing tool:

  • +17.5% YoY in click-through rates

  • +20.1% in click-through rates on category pages

Seamless Integration

Easily configure your BigCommerce store with Attraqt capabilities. Custom widgets are available on Page Builder so you can personalise your store directly in BigCommerce. Searching is auto-enabled upon app installation.

Case Studies

Attraqt + La Redoute

Integrating Attraqt's email personalisation into La Redoute's trigger strategy resulted in +40% in CTR directly from recommendations.

Read their story

Attraqt + PrettyLittleThing

Deploying Attraqt's AI-powered Search, PrettyLittleThing is now able to deliver more accurate and relevant experiences for the most complex and unstructured search requests, resulting in a 97% reduction in zero-result searches and 20% increase in conversion.

Read their story

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