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Keros is a Swiss Software Company producing an easy to use and complete B2C DOM/OMS.

K-OMS is a modular Order Management System, created to respond the needs of major Retailers offering solutions such as:

  • Financial and Tax management,

  • Order Orchestrator,

  • Marketplaces Connector,

  • OmniChannel Management,

  • Return Management.

Thanks to our OMS, different Retailer brands can automatically manage orders in complex organizational structures and distribution models, triggering a real borderless Unified Commerce that truly brings Retailer's Customer services to the next level.

K-OMS and Keros Team provides real know-how on Order Management on how to Internationalize and expand your business effortless and efficiently in few months.

Forget complex Tax Management projects in your ERP, lack of visibility of inventory in your stores or fake Click & Collect or Return services that cannot use your store's inventory and deposit. K-OMS offers out-of-the-box solutions that creates a fluent and effortless operation management of your Ecommerce.



Custom Pricing:

To be defined according to project


Last Updated:

May 10, 2023

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.


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Custom Pricing:

To be defined according to project


Last Updated:

May 10, 2023

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.


Installation Guide
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App Features


  • Calculate Tax Automatically

    • Automatically and accurately compute tax using multiple inputs such as the country of sale, the billing and delivery locations, the nature of the product and other factors.

  • Issue Invoices, VAT Registers and Intrastat Documents

    • Simplify tax and invoicing compliance for complex B2B and B2C transactions including ship-to-store, ship-from-store and return-anywhere. Issue VAT registers and intrastate documentation

  • Streamline Cross-Boarder Sales and Returns

    • Manage international sales easily with automatic export duty, tariff and interest calculations.

  • Make Refunds Faster and Easier

    • Refund customers in-store or through direct bank transfers, even for cash-on-delivery orders

  • Track Financial Performance

    • Use integrated reporting tools to track sales, revenue and financial performance and maintain records for tax, accounting and audit compliance.

  • Integrate with ERP

    • Share transaction data with enterprise ERP for seamless workflow and complete financial visibility across departments.

Order Orchestrator

  • Manage Orders Across Multiple Channels

    • Orchestrate orders across online and offline sales channels, warehouses and partners. Collect, fulfill and track all orders and returns, whether from digital marketplaces or brick-and-mortar retail, in a centralized and real-time web dashboard.

  • Customize Order Fulfillment Rules and Strategies

    • Optimize order fulfillment with customizable rules. Reduce delivery costs and times with automatic order routing optimization and split shipments based on end-to-end calculations and lead time estimation.

  • Simplify inventory Management

    • Manage and utilize inventory in warehouse, retail stores and multiple online marketplaces form a single dashboard. Fulfill order in any channel using returns in any other channels.

  • Enhance Business Flexibility

    • Easily integrate with enterprise ERP, third-party WMS and retail POS systems. Create digital workflows spanning multiple business departments with 25+ connectors for marketplace management, fornt-send customization, ERP integration, payment processing, tax management, warehouse management and delivery tracking.

Marketplace Connector

  • Integrate with Multiple Marketplaces

    • Integrate with 300+ digital marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Google, with out-of-the-box support for ChannelAdvisor.

  • Centralize and Orchestrate Marketplace Orders

    • Collect and Fulfill orders in multiple digital marketplaces using a centralized and real-time web dashboard.

  • Manage Marketplace Inventory

    • Manage and control inventory in real-time across multiple online marketplaces (Including Amazon, eBey and 300+ others).

  • Process Marketplace Returns and Refunds

    • Handle returns and refunds from Multiple e-commerce Platforms and online marketplaces.

  • Integrate with Multiple Couriers

    • Integrate with 270+ international couriers and deliveries (including DHL, UPS, Correos or Royal Mail) to manage Marketplaces delivery and return standards.

Omnichannel WebApp (OmniApp)

  • Click & Collect

    • Enable customer to view and purchase products online, then collect at their convenience from a nearby store or warehouse.

    • Use in store's merchandise to enable purchase order ready for pick-up in few hours.

  • Ship to Store

    • Reduce customer wait time by transferring merchandise to stores for faster shipping or in-store collection.

  • Ship From Store

    • Utilize unused store merchandise and speed up delivery by shipping items to customer directly from their nearest store

  • Sell Seamlessly Across Borders

    • Fulfill orders internationally with multi-warehouse support, automatic export duty/tariff calculations and customs documentation generation.

  • Open and Administer Returns

    • Print or Enable RMA directly from the APP

  • Allocate Returns or Ship It Back

    • Store Assistance can decide whether to keep returns in their stores or to ship it back to the central warehouse.

Return Management

  • Buy Online, Return To Any Store

    • Accept and manage return across online channels regardless of where and how the order was originally placed.

  • Cross Border Returns

    • Manager returns in different countries and across tax jurisdictions, with support for multiple refund methods and automatic export duty/tariff calculations.

  • Open and Administer Returns

    • Enable RMA for any order coming from Front ends or Marketplaces on a single dashboard

  • Return Policy Calculation

    • Automatically calculate return policies for order base on pre-defined rules

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