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BigCommerce 2022 Annual Report: The Year of the Enterprise

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The year in ecommerce 2022 was one mostly steeped in economic concern and uncertainty for online retailers. Then, the record-setting sales numbers of the holiday shopping season cast apprehension aside. 

It was a year that saw BigCommerce place greater emphasis on providing a platform suitable for enterprise customers while experiencing revenue growth that outpaced the rest of the ecommerce industry.

To celebrate and document such an eventful year, BigCommerce is pleased to announce the release of our 2022 Annual Report detailing a year of growth and innovation. 

BigCommerce 2022 Annual Report

Download the 2022 Annual Report to learn more about BigCommerce’s maturity into a complete enterprise platform, a year in review of feature releases, financial highlights and what’s in store for the future. 

We hope you get the most out of this retrospective. 

Read the report to also get an exclusive look at BigCommerce’s strategic priorities roadmap for 2023 so you can plan your business’s growth with us.

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