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BigCommerce Announces New Features for B2B Edition

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B2B ecommerce has been through a major evolution over the last few years. B2B buyers increasingly expect a modern experience similar to what they see in consumer focused ecommerce. 

That means B2B businesses must provide speed and ease-of-use without compromising the complexity and uniqueness of the B2B buying journey.

Building on the 2021 launch of B2B Edition, BigCommerce made two strategic acquisitions in 2022. BundleB2B, which had powered our B2B Edition functionality, and B2B Ninja, which provides best-in-class quoting capabilities, are now part of BigCommerce, incorporating native functionality for the full range of B2B sellers directly within our platform.

Now, our team has expanded B2B Edition with new features and functionality to improve customer experience and help merchants sell more online. 

New Features Mean New Ways to Grow B2B Sales


Merchants can take advantage of our Multi-Storefront capabilities using B2B Edition. Now, merchants can enable all B2B Edition functionality, like company account management, shared shopping lists, quoting and invoice portal, on any storefront they create. 

In addition to selling across multiple regions or multiple brands, our merchants can reduce operational and maintenance costs by trimming down the number of systems that would typically be required for multiple sites. 

This allows merchants to simplify operations and efficiently manage customers, products, order fulfillment and storefront analytics, saving a vast amount of development time. 

Modernized Buyer Portal.

The B2B Edition buyer portal offers a personalized buying experience for both merchants and buyers, streamlining administrative processes and reducing workload. These benefits enhance customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and foster repeat business, which is important for any B2B merchant.

Our expanded B2B buyer portal works with any BigCommerce theme, and is quick to set up and start using. We have completely reimagined how a buyer manages their orders, quotes, invoices, shopping lists and all of the administrative process for managing a buyer’s relationship with the merchant, like address books, user logins and approval workflows. 

The new buyer portal will allow merchants to: 

  • Be more flexible. Remove barriers with the ability to create specific access, by company or user, to streamline operations with a view into past company orders and easy-to-reorder functionality based on previously ordered items, quotes, lists, and past company orders. 

  • Enter orders — fast. Remove tedious manual order entry and find efficiencies with the Quick Order Pad to easily enter SKU numbers or upload orders in bulk. 

  • Streamline lists and quotes. Reduce friction and increase conversions with preset prices and shopping lists that can be intuitively converted to quotes, saving time and improving efficiencies.

  • Optimize for mobile. Meet today’s buyers where they shop with a mobile-friendly buyer portal experience that is designed for the hand-held and self-serve transactions today’s digitally native buyers demand.

Headless functionality (Beta).

This update in our headless implementation allows B2B Edition to be deployed onto any framework. What does that mean for your business? Merchants have the advantage of Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless (MACH) architecture and compostable elements to create and build agile storefronts that can be continuously improved as the business grows. 

B2B Edition is headless agnostic and can integrate into an existing BigCommerce HTML theme or CMS platform using the buyer portal API to further personalize the buyer purchasing experience.

The new headless functionality (beta) will help merchants:

  • Customize with ease. Customize the buyer experience through a configurator designed for the digital-native merchant user to quickly react to market changes. Robust APIs further enable advanced customizations of the buyer portal to create new merchant specific buyer interactions. 

  • Integrate seamlessly. Developers can take advantage of the buyer portal Storefront, Server-to-Server and JavaScript API to build robust integrations with any headless framework and back-office systems.

The Final Word

Ecommerce changes quickly. While B2Bs have traditionally been more conservative in their approach to digital transformation, changing customer expectations are forcing a massive shift in the way B2Bs do business online. 

As these businesses continue to grow, BigCommerce will be there to help keep pace. The opportunity to expand into new regions, sell new products and provide unparalleled customer experiences will allow our merchants to not only grow their current capabilities, but also their plans for the future. 

Want to see all the B2B functionality BigCommerce has to offer? Learn more about B2B Edition here.

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