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Access 165,000,000 Potential New Customers on eBay with One Click from BigCommerce

Tracey Wallace / 2 min read

eBay and BigCommerce integration

Today, BigCommerce merchants can begin to sell to more than 165 million buyers worldwide through the industry’s first-ever native integration with the eBay marketplace.


The number of worldwide buyers on the eBay marketplace.

The era of online shopping versus mobile commerce versus marketplace shopping versus webstore shopping is over. Consumers want to shop wherever and whenever is most convenient for them. Add the always evolving algorithms and business strategies from marketing channels like Google and Facebook –– solutions of which drive heavy traffic to online stores –– and one thing becomes clear: sustainable online businesses must future-proof their brand while increasing consumer visibility.

To do that, the most successful brands are diversifying and launching additional sales channels on marketplaces, social media sites and through alternative business tactics like B2B or B2C.

After utilizing BigCommerce’s marketplace integrations, we have generated an additional $100,000 a month in revenue.

Josh Heller, President and Owner at Wire N Cables

This is no small shift in how businesses are run. Launching additional sales channels has historically proved challenging –– requiring brands to start from scratch, re-upload large product catalogs and toggle between varying interfaces to manage their brand holistically.

No longer is that the case.

With the addition of eBay to the BigCommerce Channel Manager, an online store’s central omnichannel control center, consumers can now centralize inventory management and order processing, rapidly bulk list products with a click of a button and manage individual channel product content to optimize sales all from one interface.

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eBay Channel Manager

“Our integration with eBay enables retailers to sell to the massive eBay community from a single platform unified with their branded websites,” said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce. “The eBay and BigCommerce partnership allows retailers to maximize their online sales while minimizing technical and operational complexity.”

With the release, BigCommerce is the only ecommerce platform to natively support selling across the world’s two largest marketplaces and leading social platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest.

“BigCommerce’s biggest feature is it’s ability to push products to marketplaces,” says Josh Heller, President and Owner at Wire N Cables. “After utilizing your integration, we have generated an additional $100,000 a month in revenue.”

Begin selling on eBay through your BigCommerce store today.

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