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Art, Music, Travel Ecommerce Site Design

Sites appealing to art, music and travel must also appeal to a sense of:

  • Beauty

  • Wonderment

  • Exploration

It isn’t an easy task. Those qualities are often best felt offline –– not when browsing a site.

Moreover, these sites must put the product in context. Art buyers want to see an art piece on a wall –– and they want to see it on a wall and in a decorated space that matches their own aesthetics.

Similarly, sites selling music need to appeal to both a shopper’s memory as well as their sense of hearing.

And, of course, with travel sites, the blog content, look, and design need to mimic the feeling of excitement through exploration.

It isn’t easy running these sorts of sites –– but it is doable. It is possible to capture a sense of self beyond the screen, and these 5 best of the best ecommerce site designs in this category have done it so incredibly well.

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1. Lavi Arts

As told to BigCommerce by Kfir Lavi, Lavi Arts.

I’m one of the few sellers online that sell expensive art using BigCommerce. The platform is comfortable, colorful and very user friendly.

2. Urban Road

As told to BigCommerce by Suzie Atkin, Urban Road. 

We have created a site on BigCommerce that has complex option filters on a product level while maintaining its visual appeal.

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3. The Air Hook

As told to BigCommerce by Craig Rabin, The Air Hook.

The design of our storefront matches the unique and one-of-a-kind gadget that we sell. From the top to the bottom, everything has been optimized for success.

4. Neon Poodle

As told to BigCommerce by Sammy Gibson, Co-founder, Neon Poodle.

It took a long time for us to choose our theme –– I would say about a month. We wanted simple, clean lines. We wanted something that’s very much our aesthetic, even when it comes to the neon lights. You always see other small businesses now doing neon lights and they’re quite – well, they are over the top. Us, on the other hand, the the aesthetic of the website really matches our aesthetic as people. It’s simple. More is less. But it still makes a statement.

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5. Vinyl Express

As told to BigCommerce by Rogier van Genugten, Vinyl Express.

From a Dutch brick-and-mortar in 1973 to an online powerhouse, Vinyl Express used the BigCommerce platform to launch a massive brand redesign in 2016.

Today, the company continues to address the challenges of ecommerce complexity, bridging the IT gap between boutique record stores across the globe.

BigCommerce’s unique SKU support, payment options, shipping calculator and design environment made it the perfect platform for long-term growth unafraid of complex ecommerce problem solving.

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