Chapter 5 Autograph Foliages: Migrating to a 40%+ in revenue

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    Why they won

    Brand Labs won the Innovation Award for Agency Innovation for their work on Autograph Foliages.

    For fast time to market during a migration and a discounts and promotions engine implementation that drove an immediate 40% increase in revenue.

    Business stats

    Business outcomes of the innovation

    • 70% increase in traffic
    • 40% increase in revenue

    What they do

    One of our clients at Brand Labs is Autograph Foliages, a leader manufacturer of artificial foliage.

    The challenge behind the innovation

    The client originally came to us to replatform their current site because it didn’t allow for transactions.

    That’s when we began to work with the client hand-in-hand to build out a custom BigCommerce site that met their business needs.

    One of those needs specifically was a discount tool.

    Autograph Foliages has several different tiers of clients based on the customer’s type of business and size of order. Each client tier receives a certain discount and Autograph needed a clear way to display the correct discount to their customers.

    So, Brands Labs built a tool that would provide the discount on all products based on the customer login.

    Here’s how it works:

    • If a customer in group “H” signed in, they would see discounts on 25% off a unit, 35% off a tray, and 40% off a case.
    • If a customer in group “A” signed in, they would see discounts of 35% off a unit, 50% off a tray, and 50% off a case.

    There are a total of nine different tiers customers can be placed in. Now when a customer logs in they can see their discount and easily checkout.

    This reduces the manual labor on Autograph Foliages’ part immensely.

    How they make it work

    When Autograph Foliages came to us, we knew BigCommerce was the right platform for their business.

    BigCommerce simply allows for Autograph Foliages to grow and stand out from the competition.

    We were able to design a beautiful site that expresses the client’s brand and converts potential customers into long-term clients.

    Plus, the user-friendly dashboard in BigCommerce made the development process for something complicated like this discount tool much more feasible. This is especially true for the built-in customer groups, which makes customer segmentation possible with no development work.

    Final word

    Autograph Foliages saw over a 70% increase in traffic when their new BigCommerce site was launched in May.

    Overall revenue and transactions also increased by over 40% since launch.

    The BigCommerce discount tool easily allows the customers to convert by showing customers the correct discount price they receive.

    Autograph Foliages’ customer tiers is a big part of their business model and strategy. This discount tool allows them to easily automate this process, thus reducing hours of manual work.

    We even built a custom discount tool dashboard that integrates with BigCommerce for the team to easily upload new discounts at their convenience.

    Now Autograph Foliages can focus on improving their business in other places.

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    Table of Contents

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