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Introducing Bigcommerce Enterprise; Robust Ecommerce Capabilities without Expensive Overhead

Tracey Wallace / 2 min read

Over the course of just a few short years, ecommerce technologies have quickly moved to the cloud, providing an affordable alternative to more costly and difficult to maintain on-premise solutions. The high cost of ownership of managing your own servers and software created a significant barrier to entry for many online stores, giving rise to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms which are designed to meet the needs of businesses that are just starting out, as well as those generating millions of dollars in revenue.

It is in that spirit that today Bigcommerce launches Bigcommerce Enterprise, a merchant success platform aimed at further democratizing ecommerce and bringing enterprise-grade technology to businesses of all sizes. Bigcommerce Enterprise was initially introduced to select clients last year, but we are now pleased to announce general availability.

Bigcommerce Enterprise provides robust ecommerce capabilities previously only available with on-premise customizations — including site-wide HTTPS, product filtering, robust analytics, 99.9% uptime SLAs, real-time analytics and more.

“Prior to moving to Bigcommerce Enterprise, we were using an on-premise solution and saw a lot of unneeded complexity just to make basic changes to our store, making it difficult and cumbersome to manage,” said Matthew Tara, CEO, Tucker Blair. “The time spent updating our site went down by 50% after moving to Bigcommerce and we saw a 75% improvement in conversion rate.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the enterprise-level features powering Bigcommerce stores including Bottle Breacher, Brinks, Cetaphil, Duck Commander, Enfamil, Flash Tattoos, Gibson, Lime Crime, Marvel, Pergo, and Ubisoft.

  • Tools to Fuel Traffic and Growth: Enterprise customers have access to an advanced suite of tools to fuel traffic and growth, including best in class SEO, abandoned cart recovery, robust product search capabilities with dynamic filters and demand generation integrations to help bring your store more customers.
  • Real-time, Customer-level Analytics: A newly expanded, real-time ecommerce analytics dashboard that enables clients to:
    • Recover lost revenue by evaluating customer purchasing behaviors
    • Optimize inventory and merchandising
    • Evaluate marketing campaign performance and return on investment
  • Bigcommerce Insights Optimization Engine: A full suite of actionable data and insights, available for the first time on an enterprise-grade ecommerce platform, with in-depth reporting capabilities to help merchants:
    • Win back customers and fuel loyalty programs by identifying high-value and at-risk customers
    • Drive repeat purchases through purchase funnel analysis
    • Identify underperforming products using automated conversation rate and traffic analysis
    • Drive incremental revenue through cross-sell recommendations
  • Enterprise-Grade Integrations: Merchants can extend the capabilities of their stores through the hundreds of enterprise-grade integrations. Enterprise clients receive access to Bigcommerce’s full suite of integrations that include all of the features and functionality — from inventory and accounting to email marketing — needed to run a global, multi-million dollar online store.
  • Advanced Security and Protection: Enterprise merchants gain access to powerful security features such as built-in, site-wide HTTPS and DDOS protections to ensure sites remain operational and customers are able to transact confidently. While security is a benefit here, it is a means to an end, where the true benefits are increased shopper confidence which leads to improved conversion. What’s more is that Google’s recent algorithm update favors HTTPS, which will increase your store’s SEO rankings.
  • Performance Optimized for Stores: Bigcommerce’s infrastrastructure combines a global network of data centers to ensure optimal page load times and responsiveness for site visitors and shoppers across all geographies. Enterprise clients benefit from 24/7 site monitoring and priority support with an available 99.9% guaranteed server uptime SLA.

Imagine What You Could Do With That Extra Budget

Total cost of ownership is a good way to gauge how much you’d spend on an on-premise solution versus SaaS. Use our Total Cost of Ownership calculator to determine which solution is right for your business –– and how you can maximize store revenue by reallocating IT and infrastructure costs into marketing, sales and other business functions.

For more information and details concerning Bigcommerce Enterprise, contact Bigcommerce for a demo.


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