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Forrester TEI Study Reveals BigCommerce Merchants Achieved Massive ROI

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We are thrilled to share the results of The Total Economic Impact™ of BigCommerce, which evaluates the cost savings and business benefits enabled by the BigCommerce platform. 

Conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BigCommerce, the commissioned study reveals how merchants are achieving success — with the numbers to prove it. 

To examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises can achieve by deploying BigCommerce, Forrester interviewed five merchants with experience using our platform and combined their results into one composite organization. 

Analyzing results from these BigCommerce merchants, this study provides valuable insights into the potential financial impact of BigCommerce as an ecommerce solution.

Cost savings and business benefits, enabled by BigCommerce

Before launching on BigCommerce, the five anonymous merchants used different ecommerce platforms for their online stores. However, these merchants faced a number of challenges on their legacy solutions, including operational inefficiencies, website performance issues, and poor customer experience. 

Lacking the scalability and flexibility to grow their business, these merchants migrated to BigCommerce and quickly saw significant results:

More growth. Better returns. 

As a result of operational inefficiencies and a lack of system performance, the interviewees found that their legacy platform simply couldn’t keep up with their company’s growth. Without the scalability to accommodate additional traffic, the interviewees knew it was time to make the switch.

Luckily, even with economic uncertainties, BigCommerce merchants saw unprecedented ROI, with break-even in eight months after replatforming.

In fact, the Forrester study shows that the composite organization using BigCommerce saw a 211% ecommerce ROI, with a net present value of $5.42M after migrating from legacy platforms. 

“We’ve doubled our sales from last year,” said the web developer at a fashion company. “I’d say that’s due in large part to the scalability that BigCommerce offers you. There’s nothing BigCommerce hasn’t been able to handle for us.” 

Improve cost savings by retiring a legacy solution.

Interviewees in the Forrester study noted that their legacy solutions were prone to downtime, leading to lost orders and revenue. In the same way, closed legacy systems could be holding you back from the latest and greatest tools and technology, or keep you drowning in maintenance or downtimes. 

Luckily, our Forrester Consulting study shows that businesses on BigCommerce experienced $300K+ in ecommerce revenue retention from having better site performance and availability. 

“Even accommodating our new business that we have just reached, [we are paying] less monthly [on BigCommerce] than that we were paying for [our legacy platform],” said the web developer at a fashion company. 

Decrease complexity. Increase ecommerce efficiency.

Ecommerce operational inefficiencies not only take away valuable time and resources, but they’re also just downright frustrating. In the TEI study, interviewees noted that integrating third-party applications into their legacy solutions was time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes impossible. 

However, the study shows that brands on BigCommerce saw a 30% to 40% time savings when it came to updating site content or catalogs, and a 90% developer time savings by Year 3. By freeing up your time and valuable resources, BigCommerce provides brands with the agility they need to keep growing and break free from legacy limitations. 

“[With BigCommerce], time is no longer an issue for our marketing team if they want to scale and launch new products,” said a marketing director at a business supplies company. “It’s just a matter of having the right information in place.”

The final word

Read the full Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of BigCommerce study for a deep dive into Forrester’s findings and data, and discover how our solution can help your business save valuable time, increase ecommerce site conversion, and unlock new ways of growing revenue.

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