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BigCommerce’s Checkout Experience Elevates Conversion Rates, New Study Proves

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The more ecommerce changes, the more it stays the same. But should it? An enterprise business doesn’t remain competitive with only the new bells and whistles on its tech stack. The measure of success has always been high conversion rates, and a recent independent study proves BigCommerce can help foster that growth.

According to Incisiv, one of the leading insights firms for consumer industry digital transformation leaders, the BigCommerce platform packs a powerful combination of punches with its frictionless checkout experience and bevy of alternate payment methods, including digital wallets, to assist with those conversions.

The result? Strong performance with checkout conversion rates, and significant visit conversion rates that blew the doors off the industry average.

The power of APMs at checkout

Incisiv’s study covered two months of transaction data from BigCommerce merchants on our “Enterprise” plan and using our native checkout experience. 

That’s more than 2,200 merchants, 190 million visits, and 6.5 million checkout journeys in May 2023 and June 2023.

A BigCommerce merchant not using alternative payment methods yielded a 52.9% checkout conversion rate, while that number jumped to 58.9% when using BigCommerce’s native one-page checkout and the merchant included either PayPal Wallet or Apple Pay.

Using both PayPal Wallet and Apple Pay? The conversion rate boosted to 61.9%.

It’s no surprise the checkout conversion rate  — measuring the effectiveness of the checkout experience — was higher amongst enterprise merchants using APMs to those businesses without them, but it’s proof there is strength in numbers.

Soaring above industry benchmarks

The customer journey should be easy. Better yet, it should feel easy. That visitor conversion rate — the journey from site visit to order — is what BigCommerce is thriving in, according to Incisiv.

BigCommerce’s flagship checkout boasted a 2.33% visit conversion rate in May 2023 and June 2023. The average conversion rate across all markets was 1.94% over the same period, according to data from IRP Commerce.

With a visit conversion rate 20% higher than the market benchmark, there’s no doubt BigCommerce’s one-page checkout helps customers convert.

The final word

At the end of the day, customers crave an easy checkout experience. They want it fast, seamless, and with secure payment options. BigCommerce offers the best of all worlds.

The numbers from Incisiv would agree.