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The Power of Post-Purchase Engagement for Ecommerce Merchants with Route

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In today’s fast-paced ecommerce landscape, customer loyalty is crucial for businesses looking to grow and succeed. To cultivate customer loyalty, it’s important to focus on providing a positive post-purchase experience. 

By leveraging the power of post-purchase engagement, businesses can build a lasting relationship with their customers and increase their chances of repeat purchases long after the buy button.

To help ecommerce merchants capitalize on this opportunity, Route, a leading post-purchase solution, has launched powerful new functionality for BigCommerce which harnesses the power of personalized engagement to transform customer experiences and generate incremental revenue. 

Let’s explore how Engage from Route empowers BigCommerce merchants to unlock the full potential of their post-purchase experience to drive higher customer lifetime value like never before.

Unlock Incremental Revenue

While new to the BigCommerce platform, Engage has already generated over $1 million in incremental revenue for merchants by delivering targeted product recommendations since its launch in late 2022. 

With Engage, BigCommerce merchants can tap into the vast potential of personalized engagement, leveraging customer data and behavior patterns to present customers with tailored offerings that resonate with their preferences. 

This strategic approach not only drives conversions but also encourages customers to make additional purchases, leading to substantial revenue growth.

Increase Average Revenue Per Order

By leveraging advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, Engage presents customers with personalized product recommendations based on cart attributes and past customer order history. This approach encourages customers to explore and add more items to their carts, resulting in an average lift of 5% in revenue per order. 

For BigCommerce merchants, this boost in average revenue per order could have a direct and positive impact on their bottom line, contributing to sustained business growth.

Enhance Product Visibility

Delivering the right product, at the right time, in the right place is the ideal outcome for personalized product recommendations – and Engage takes this to a whole new level. Route synthesizes multiple data streams across millions of consumers and sites to deliver hyper-relevant product recommendations that convert. 

BigCommerce merchants can now diversify their post-purchase engagement strategy with recommendations on Route’s exclusive real estate — on the Route consumer app, on the web tracking experience, and within tracking emails. 

The result is an enriched shopping experience that drives increased conversions and customer loyalty — capable of driving a 25% increase in customer lifetime value.

Continuous Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Personalized engagement through Engage has the potential to prove instrumental in nurturing long-term customer loyalty for BigCommerce merchants. 

By consistently delivering relevant product recommendations, BigCommerce merchants can demonstrate a deep understanding of their customers’ preferences, needs and aspirations. 

This personalized approach can build trust and foster stronger connections, leading to repeat purchases, customer advocacy, and long-term loyalty.

The Final Word

With Engage now available to BigCommerce merchants, there is a powerful tool in the market to elevate ecommerce success and amplify growth potential on the BigCommerce platform.

It’s time to leverage Route’s established expertise and technology to streamline your post-purchase operations while simultaneously reaping the benefits of Engage’s personalized engagement capabilities.