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14 Technology & Electronics Brands Amping Up Online Sales

Retail revenue from consumer electronics/technology sales in the U.S. is projected to top $350 billion in 2018.

If you’re like most businesses in this fast-growing and highly competitive market segment, you’re looking for an edge to capture the largest possible share of this revenue.

That edge is ecommerce excellence.

If you expect to grow your business this year, you need to give customers an exceptional online shopping experience.

That’s what this post is all about.

Below, we’ve explored how the best technology and electronics ecommerce sites stand out from the crowd by delivering a world-class customer experience.

Best Technology & Electronics Ecommerce Brands

Technology and electronics brands compete with the big players – like Apple and Dell – as well as well-known disrupters like FitBit.

Beyond the challenging competitors, there are ever-changing product innovations in this industry and the ecommerce industry itself is constantly evolving. 

The following brands selling technology and electronics have:

  • Optimized for their specific customer base

  • Proven value on their sites to give consumers a reason to buy there instead of third-party channels

  • Remained bleeding-edge in design, UX, and product offering

Here are the best of the best from digital native brands like SkullCandy and NatoMounts to traditional brands like Kodak and Motorola.

  1. Skullcandy.

  2. Sharp.

  3. Kodak Phones.

  4. Precision Camera.

  5. Motorola.

  6. UPLIFT Desk.

  7. Discount Electronics.

  8. NatoMounts.

  9. FUGOO.

  10. Koi Computers.

  11. Zugu Case.

  12. Decibullz.

  13. Renogy.

  14. Signal Boosters.

Let’s dive in to see exactly how they are using their owned site to drive value, sales, and retention for the long-haul.

1. Skullcandy.

Skullcandy is a popular personal audio equipment brand. The company specializes in wireless headphones, earbuds, and speakers known for their style, quality, and ruggedness.

Skullcandy’s online store features stunning product images against beautiful landscapes, detailed product setup instructions, and stylish product videos.

The site conveys the brand’s message of pushing the boundaries of both sport and sound.

2. Sharp.

Sharp’s state-of-the-art electronic products are known worldwide for their quality, value, and design.

This Sharp ecommerce site is dedicated to the company’s line of televisions and includes a wide range of sizes and features.

Vibrant, colorful images featured on the TVs draw shoppers in and detailed product specifications give them all of the information they need to make a buying decision.

It’s a simple but effective site that drives conversions.

3. Kodak Phones.

Kodak has combined its high-end photographic capabilities with smartphone technology to create the Kodak EKTRA Smartphone.

The company’s ecommerce site is as stylish as its photography-first smartphone, featuring beautiful images of the phone and its accessories, complete product specifications, and reviews from industry experts.

It also includes stories by and about customers that feature photographs customers have taken on the Kodak EKTRA on adventures around the world.

4. Precision Camera.

Precision Camera has been in business for over 40 years and has grown to become the largest camera store in Texas selling new and used cameras, providing rentals and repairs, and offering classes to the public.

Since launching its ecommerce site on BigCommerce, Precision Camera has seen a 25% increase in conversions and 45% year over year revenue growth.

Visitors to Precision Camera’s ecommerce site can take a virtual tour of its brick-and-mortar store, use advanced search features to discover products, view detailed product information, read customer reviews, and take advantage of online promotions.

“We knew we needed an ecommerce platform that could accommodate our inventory of 6,500+ products, but we also wanted to be sure that it had the various shopping options our customers have come to expect from our brand, too,” said Sarah Hoffman, Online Sales Director at Precision Camera.

“The BigCommerce back-end makes it easy for us to manage products and incoming orders, and the customizable front-end allows us to make our website easy for customers to shop and buy items.”

Precision Camera grows online revenue by more than 31% MoM.

Learn how Texas’ largest camera retailer captures benefits from BigCommerce’s flexibility & customizations.

5. Motorola.

Motorola has long been known as a leader in mobile communications products.

The company’s Motorola Solutions ecommerce site sells adapters, batteries, remote speaker microphones, chargers, and other accessories for mobile phones.

Online shoppers can take advantage of the site’s advanced search features to sort products, view product specifications, and read product reviews.  

6. UPLIFT Desk.

UPLIFT Desk sells height adjustable desks, desk converters, ergonomic chairs, and desk accessories on its ultra-modern ecommerce site.

From the moment shoppers arrive on the site, they’re immersed in the UPLIFT Desk experience as they’re taken on a guided product tour.

Product pages display a wealth of information, including product specifications, assembly instructions, FAQs, warranty and returns information, customer reviews, related products, and product videos.

Shoppers can even use the site’s Desk Selector Tool guide to build a desk that is customized for their unique needs and workspace.

7. Discount Electronics.

Discount Electronics is an online superstore for new and used computer products.

From laptops, tablets, and monitors to printers, routers, and speakers, shoppers can browse and buy a wide variety of electronics on the company’s extensive but easy-to-navigate ecommerce site.

After migrating to BigCommerce, Discount Electronics was able to improve its customers’ shopping experience, immediately increase conversions by 10% by integrating Amazon Pay, boost year over year revenue by nearly 153%, and achieve peace of mind around PCI compliance.

“Our former platform caused some major headaches and issues around PCI compliance,” said Rick Culleton, CEO of Discount Electronics.

“With BigCommerce, we can rest assured that we’re PCI compliant 24/7/365. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate not having any compliance concerns whatsoever.”

Discount Electronics Saves $100,000, Remains PCI Compliant with BigCommerce.

Learn how Discount Electronics pivoted from focusing on technology updates and needs to excelling at marketing and letting SaaS solve for the backend.

8. NatoMounts

The Nato Smart Mount is a stick-on for GPS, smartphones, and tablets, and other small electronics products.

It magnetically attaches to devices, can be mounted virtually anywhere, and rotates 360 degrees.

The company’s ecommerce site is small but extremely effective, processing more than $20 million in sales since NatoMounts launched on BigCommerce over six years ago.

Integrations with mobile wallets achieved a 5% mobile conversion rate and integrating ShipStation enabled same-day shipping.

“By building these integrations with companies like PayPal and Amazon, BigCommerce provides non-household brands, like me, instant credibility,” said Brandon Chatham, founder & CEO of NatoMounts.

“We’ve tried several providers and ShipStation has been the only one able to handle our volume with the sophistication of multiple stores.”

NatoMounts goes all-in on mobile to achieve 5% mobile conversion rates

How one entrepreneur leveraged digital wallets to grow his portfolio of online stores.


FUGOO’s ecommerce site is, in a word, captivating. Using breathtaking photography, “the go anywhere speaker” is inserted in beautiful landscapes in locations around the world.

Much like FUGOO’s speakers, the company’s website has the right mix of stylish design, high-quality components, and competitive pricing.

FUGOO chose BigCommerce for its highly customizable platform, built-in SEO tools, and easy-to-master administrative tools. In just two months, FUGOO created a fully customized, experiential, and conversion-friendly online store.

“I knew how important it was to find a platform that would not only give us the flexibility we needed to quickly create a custom website on a tight budget, but that would enable us to grow over time,” said Gary Elsasser, CEO of FUGOO.

“Our site has been a source of great credibility for us, and it’s without a doubt a major driver of our success.”

Fugoo uses a brand-first approach to compete with industry giants.

A digital native brand finds a foothold globally with a low cost to entry and flexible frameworks.

10. Koi Computers.

Koi Computers sells high performance computing and technology solutions to businesses.

The company’s user-friendly ecommerce site enables B2B buyers to easily browse and configure products, dig deep into product features, view complete warranty information, and request a quote.

B2B buyers can also compare products side-by-side, which is an important feature when shopping for big-ticket items with numerous technical specifications.

11. Zugu Case.

Zugu Case sells cases for iPhones and iPads.

The company’s flagship product, the Prodigy X, durably protects iPads and includes a magnetic kickstand that adjusts to eight angles.

The company’s ecommerce site features visualization tools that enable shoppers to zoom in and scroll across products as well as view them in different colors.

Shoppers can learn more about Zugu’s cases by watching product videos and reading customer reviews.

12. Decibullz.

Decibullz are the world’s first thermo-fit custom molded earbuds/earplugs and the only ones on the market that can be remolded.

The company’s ecommerce site is geared towards a great customer experience by enabling online shoppers to view earbuds and earplugs in different colors, compare products side-by-side, get answers to frequently asked questions, read customer reviews, and see the earbuds and earplugs in action in product videos.

13. Renogy.

Renogy is a renewable energy company that provides solar products for homes, businesses, and recreational vehicles.

The company migrated its ecommerce operations to BigCommerce to make its site more modern and accessible to consumers with a greater emphasis on rich visuals, take advantage of built-in marketing and promotional tools, and gain access to customer insights and detailed analytics.

From viewing product videos, customer reviews, and product manuals to calculating energy requirements with solar calculators and requesting a custom quote, Renogy’s ecommerce site provides customers with an optimal shopping experience.

“While simultaneously redesigning our website and migrating to BigCommerce required a lot of preparation by our internal team, the transition was seamless,” said Valerie Duong, Marketing Supervisor at Renogy.

“Since launching on BigCommerce, we’ve experienced a 40% increase in conversion rate, 30% increase in revenue, and 20% increase in site traffic.”

Renogy energizes new markets with BigCommerce.

Learn how this renewable energy company sparked direct to consumer sales.

14. Signal Boosters.

Signal Boosters provides commercial signal boosting and wireless solutions for businesses, homes, and vehicles.

The company’s ecommerce site is easy to navigate and highly interactive. Visitors can watch product videos and how-to video tutorials, view photo galleries, download reports, request a site survey and floor plan analysis, and engage the company via live chat.

Signal Boosters is clearly committed to delivering great content that turns browsers into buyers.

Executive Summary

The best technology and electronics sites are poised to cash-in on this $350 million industry, giving consumers the online shopping experience they’re looking for.

Some themes shared across the 14 sites above include:

  • Clean, crisp design

  • Striking visuals

  • Comprehensive product information

  • Content marketing elements

  • Customer reviews

From decoupled performance layers to complete data orchestration and beyond, these brands choose BigCommerce for its open SaaS model providing the flexibility to achieve big, unparalleled results.

We’ve called these websites out for their superior customer experience. Does your business deliver the goods like these sites, or is it time to make a switch?

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