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We’re switching from FTP to Secure WebDAV soon — here’s why

Jordan Sim / 1 min read

Back in July 2012, we announced that we would be switching from the FTP protocol to Secure WebDAV for transferring files to Bigcommerce stores. We didn’t do a great job explaining the reasons for the switch, and for that we apologize.

I’m here to tell you exactly why we made this decision and how the process will work as we move everyone to the new protocol.

What is Secure WebDAV?

Secure WebDAV is the secure version of the WebDAV file transfer protocol. Basically, it means that you’ll be able to upload images, videos, HTML pages and other files to your store securely.

Why are we switching?

There are a number of reasons we decided to make the switch, with the end goal of providing a better experience for our clients.

1. We’re upgrading our server technology to be faster and more reliable than ever before, and FTP isn’t natively (or easily) supported in the new environment.

2. WebDAV provides faster speeds for transferring multiple small-sized files — exactly the kind of transfers our merchants make most often.

3. WebDAV makes it easy to see who last edited a file. This is particularly handy for our Support Ninjas and Partners who help maintain stores.

4. WebDAV supports file locking, which means only one user at a time can modify a file. Each file is “checked out” so nobody can accidentally overwrite more recent changes.

When is this happening?

So you’ll have plenty of time to become familiar with the new protocol, we’re giving everyone three months to transition to Secure WebDAV. As such, at 11:59pm on Saturday, August 31 2013 (CST), we will discontinue support for the FTP protocol and transition completely to WebDAV.

How do I use Secure WebDAV?

WebDAV works similarly to FTP. You’ll use a client to connect with our server, choose the files you want to upload, and then drag and drop them into your store folder to transfer them.

We recommend you use one of the following WebDAV clients:

You can also connect to your store via WebDAV using Windows Explorer (for Windows users) or Finder (for Mac OS X users). However, we don’t recommend you use these clients due to their poor and unreliable file transfer speeds and performance.

Have questions on WebDAV and what it means for you? Check out our KnowledgeBase articles:

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of why we’re making the switch to WebDAV and how you’ll use it.




Jordan Sim

Jordan Sim

Jordan is a Senior Product Manager at Bigcommerce. He enjoys bringing customers along the product design journey and delivering features that are simple to use and meaningful. Jordan also focuses on enabling integrations between Bigcommerce and other partner products so that customers have access to additional tools and services that help them run their businesses day-to-day. Jordan is based out of Sydney and in his spare time, invests in leadership, public speaking and fitness.

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