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TYLER’S Finds a Lightning-Fast Solution to Decrease Fraud and Improve Checkout

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When it comes to Texan apparel, there are some lesser-knowns and then there are legends. There’s the classic Luckenbach tee; the unmistakable Buc-ee’s beaver; and then there’s TYLER’S — the logo that can help someone spot a fellow Texan from a mile away. 

However, this notoriety didn’t happen overnight. Beginning in 1978, TYLER’S was originally a specialty shop selling running and tennis equipment. But over the years, they grew into a multi-location retailer, selling products from brands like Nike and Vans, as well as their own-brand apparel — which has become synonymous with the Lone Star State. 

In 2014, TYLER’S switched their ecommerce site to BigCommerce.

“It was a game changer when BigCommerce came around because it handled a lot of issues we were having problems with,” Justin Dermit, Director of Ecommerce at TYLER’S, said. “We got a robust platform and we got what felt like a much needed expansion to our team. Not only did BigCommerce work directly with us, the team was free-flowing with a world of insights into the larger landscape of ecommerce.”

Dealing with Fraud

Those insights weren’t the only thing that TYLER’S was looking for in an ecommerce platform. They needed something that could help address a major challenge they were facing on a daily basis: fraudulent charges. 

“We started to see an increase in fraud and it kept getting worse. We literally found ourselves spending more time trying to manage fraud than growing the business. And, on top of that, we were doing a better job catching fraud than [our] software,” Dermit explained. 

As a growing ecommerce business, the last thing you want is to be worrying about fraudulent transactions coming through your site. Instead, retailers should be focusing on growing their customer base, not monitoring it. 

“The breaking point came when we discovered the software was approving fraudulent transactions and we weren’t catching them until after they shipped,” Dermit said. 

In the end, the team at TYLER’S was spending more on fraudulent charges than they could bear. Between processing fees, shipping fees and refund costs (plus an extra credit card fee), it became too much.

So when they learned of the network of technology partners at BigCommerce, they were excited to see what opportunities there were to help prevent these kinds of charges. 

Bolt to the Rescue

The solution to their fraud woes came in like lightning. Bolt, a BigCommerce technology partner, is a one-click checkout provider that also powers fraud detection for ecommerce.

The seamless checkout process was very appealing on its own. Bolt’s technology empowers brands like TYLER’S to grow rapidly. One-click checkout creates a seamless buying experience. On average, merchants have seen an increase in conversion rates by more than 50%.

TYLER’S was also excited about  Bolt’s multi-layered fraud detection system. As transactions come in, Bolt analyzes over 200 real-time behaviors — four times more than other leading fraud solutions — which helps their software approve a vast majority of transactions instantly.

As a second line of defense, Bolt can request customer authorization using a dynamic verification system, depending on the risk level of the transaction. And if that’s not enough, their expert review team will provide a final layer of qualitative research for orders that need it. 

All of these layers provide users and businesses a vast shield of protection against fraudulent transactions. Bolt boasts a 99% overall order approval rate. For any fraudulent charges that do make it through their watchful eyes, they offer a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee. 

“All the touchpoints of having a fast, simple checkout and not having to sit there for hours on end looking at manual reviews … I think it has been an absolute game changer for TYLER’S,” Dermit said. “We rely on Bolt’s decision making probably about 99.9% of the time. We trust the software. Going with them is one of the best decisions that we’ve made as a business.”

TYLER’s now has a 97.2% order approval rate. Their effective fraud loss rate is $0, with 100% coverage of fraudulent chargebacks. And they spend zero hours on manual fraud review.

The Final Word

The resulting site was one that provided a powerful foundation for growth. The TYLER’S team can now spend less time worrying about fraudulent charges and more time growing their business.

“BigCommerce has helped our small team do more with less and has given us a greater ability to market to our customers,” Dermit explained. 

Since switching to BigCommerce, TYLER’S has seen impressive increases in site visits, revenue and average order volume. That kind of growth wouldn’t be possible without the drive and determination of the TYLER’S team, who are able to focus on expansion thanks to the foundation provided by BigCommerce and our technology partners like Bolt. 

Want to learn more about Bolt for BigCommerce? Check out the integration in our app store and see how Bolt can bring lightning-fast checkout to your ecommerce store with a few simple clicks.

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