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October 30, 2019

Growing Up Headless: The Not-So-Secret Strategy to DTC Success

A headless approach decouples the individual elements of a website, enabling retailers to use the content management software or digital experience platform of their choice to deliver unique front-end experiences, while relying on an commerce platform to handle the back-end tasks. Here are some success stories.

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Retail Biz

October 23, 2019

Local Retailers Urged to Keep Up With Global Demands

Retailers are now able to test international markets by building an online presence in various geographies before choosing how and when to grow their physical presence, but it’s crucial that retailers actively work to put infrastructure in place, according to BigCommerce director of product management, Jordan Sim.

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Cms C Horizontal Logo

September 26, 2019

BigCommerce Goes Green

BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD will supply a securely hosted, online storefront that connects CBD merchants with trusted US-based service providers, as well as payment gateways for any type of retail model — be it digital or brick-and-mortar.

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